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Alexei 'Alyosha' Popovitch
Alter Ego: None
Origin: Russia
Race: Human
Archetype: Fighter


Commonly known for his ties to the Russian mob, Alyosha is more notably a treasure hunter. For the majority of his confirmable recent past, he has been notorious for breaking into archeological digs or restoration sites and stealing various, uncommon relics. More than a few of these items have possessed a mystical aspect and have sold very well to interested collectors of the occult. Some of these items, however, were not sold and instead kept by Alyosha himself. Several years before Alyosha gained some degree of infamy, he made his first major discovery: The Bleeding Hourglass. It bound itself to him, marking him with a visible symbol of their symbiosis.

The tales of the Hourglass indicate promises of a greatly prolonged life, heightened physical capabilities, and an unnatural ability to avoid death - provided it is sufficiently powered by the bearer.

Layout Credit goes to Janisu.

Concept Bracket Calculation
Veteran Artifact Thief (Base level 40)
Bearer of the Bleeding Hourglass (Modified to level 50)
Hourglass somewhat depleted (Modified to level 30)


Statistic Level Reason
Vitality Exceptional for a human The Hourglass grants him an unnaturally prolonged life and reservoir of stamina, even in its depleted state.
Martial Arts Several years of training Having long served interests on the wrong side of the law, Alyosha's fighting capabilities are very well-honed.