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Name: Amatsuka
Alter Ego: Susan McFenian
Origin: Edo / Tokugawa period - Kyoto, Japan
Race: Vampire
Archetype: Cultist
Affiliation: VaeVictus; The Asylum - Clothes and Club
Sunnydale Theme Song: Imogen Heap - Glittering Cloud
Conceptual Theme Song: Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky - The Sick Doll
Amatsuka is an adolescent vampire and amnesiac who has survived for just a few decades shy of two centuries and loves to hoard antiques and books. Naturally psionic, her ability was further developed over a lifetime of reliance due to being stuck in such a small and handicapped form though she was never formally trained. Over time, her inclination toward collecting lead her to acquire limited, but working knowledge of more conventional magic associated with casual rituals and curses, but little else. As such, she has never considered herself a witch though she has occasionally had libraries to rival or make other, more serious practitioners jealous. Whenever she needs to preform beyond a well practiced trick, she either hits the books or defers to someone else. Her ability to improvise is further hindered by how easily she fatigues either because of poor technique or lack of conditioning.

The rest of Amatsuka's abilities or changes to her body, temporary and permanent, are essentially stolen or borrowed in some way. They can be thought of as just more things that she's collected and put to use. Her metamorphosis into an adult which also made her more demonic in the process, for example, was a result of research Gene Roscoe, a vampire who was masquerading as her adopted father at the time, possessed.

Concept Bracket Calculation
Old experienced vampire (Base level 50)
Inadequate combat experience (Modified to level 40)
Sired young (Modified to level 30)
Unique magic (Modified to level 70)
Vampiric chains symbiont (Modified to level 80)