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D.O.B: January 22, 2000

Race: Human

Occupation: High School Student, Part-Time Fortune Teller

Hobbies: School, Socializing, Music, Shopping, Foreign Language, Cardio, Witchcraft

Theme Song: "Born to Die," by Lana Del Rey

In Relationship With: Lucos Kirklin

Concept Bracket Calculation
Scooby Member (Base Level 30)
Advanced Magic (Modified to level 50)

(Excerpt from Annabella's history.)

Annabella was born in Salem, (Now Danvers) Massachussets to Jonathan and Elizabeth Prue. During the time she spent with her actual parents, her years were relatively normal. Unknowingly, though, she was being taught by her mother how to harness the dark arts. It would seem the only knowledge passed down through her line, seeding from her ancestor Abigail was simply malicious, and by the time Annabella was five, under her mother's mentorship she was easily able to remotely manipulate objects and people via Telekinesis, and spead amateurish hallucenations due to a natural psychic ability. This quickly began to escallate and advance to greater magicks, but this "mother-daughter" routine was cut short when her father, Jonathan caught his wife teaching her how to levitate things with her mind. It wasn't long before Jonathan was able to use his influence and charms to rally the town for a more modern-day witch trial. It seemed only fitting to solve this the way his ancestors did.

Not long into the trial and scare that seemed only to replicate history, Elizabeth and then six year old Annabella were sentanced to be hanged. It isn't known whether Annabella gained favor from God or from the Devil that day, but her grandmother, Divina, caught wind of Salem's trials and forged a powerful memory charm to wipe the town's memory of Annabella ever being born. She wasn't strong enough to protect her daughter, and as a resault, Elizabeth was the one lynched that day.

After fleeing Danvers, Divina erased Annabella's memory in Oregon, where Annabella was raised until her teen years. From there, Divina caught wind of Sunnydale's restored Hellmouth, and so there they reside.