Basic Information

Race: Human/Caucasian

Gender: Female

D.O.B: October 27th, 1999

Occupation: Stockperson and aspiring fashion designer

Mack, a Sunnydale native, was involved in a hit and run accident at the age of ten when a driver struck her with his car and fled the scene. She suffered serious brain trauma and was left nearly dead. She stayed unconscious, comatose for nearly eight years.

During her stay at the hospital many strange and unexplainable occurences took place. Nurses reported hearing voices speaking into their heads, items would move on their own, even the occasional message scrawled on a nurse's clipboard. Her room gained a reputation for being haunted and only the bravest nurses would care for Mack.

She awoke in early April of 2017, and after a few months of physical training was miraculously able to walk and function very well for someone that had been out as long as she had. She now speaks with a stutter, caused by her lingering brain damage, and occasionally suffers from severe migraines and memory loss.

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