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Area: Announcements - Note #3830
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: Arrests and concepts
Time: Thu Sep 24 01:47:30 2009

I've put in an arrest record for your char, visible in your score, help arrest record
will explain it further.

I've also added a concept level chart, basically this is a chart which will map your concept
to the level that sort of concept should be. For instance normal humans should be quite low
level, very old vampires/demons quite high level. You can view more information on this
under help concepts and related help files.

Each level given for the concepts is basically a minimum, and that concept will carry you
up to the next level of concepts.

Ways are given to modify your RP to play concepts above or below your level if that's what
you wish to do, or of course diminish can be used or people could stop leveling once they
reach their cap, but I expect most people will just modify or add to their RP to explain
their increasing power.

In a few weeks I'll probably start enforcing this but in a reasonably soft manner, at least
at first. The list isn't exhaustive, it's just a guide.