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Doing normal dungeons will reward you with ancient relics, these can be gathered
or used to buy ancient powerful relics which each count for 10 for easier storage.

When you have enough relics you may buy an artifact map from the store hidden under
the magic box, each of these cost in relics is listed where normally the cost in
money would be.

Once you have a map you can head to the airport, hold it and use dungeon <map> to
enter a dungeon that at the completion of you will be rewarded with the artifact.

Each person can only have at most, two artifacts, but each can be upgraded up to
10 times. help upgrade.

Once someone has an artifact nobody else can get it, but if that person is in active
for quite a long time their artifact will automatically degenerate to a copy of
the artifact which is a bit weaker and others will be able to try and attain the
genuine article again. You can also use the copy of an artifact like a map to generate
a dungeon to the original.

Helpfiles on each artifact detail what they do and how to use them.
See Also: upgrade, tradein

See Category: Artifacts for a full list.