Bandalag Ulfawolf

The MissionEdit

A voice recording is all that offers insight into this group; the speaker, clearly audible over a background of conversation, has a smooth west Nordic accent. He says:

"For a time, I thought that I could live as one of them. That I could walk and talk and deny my instincts. It was a child's dream, a wish inspired, quite foolishly, by love. Well...

"Ast skal ekki taka styrkur minn; love shall not take my strength.

"We are predators, perfect predators. We walk amongst them, we imitate them. We are not them. Vid erum ulfar; we are wolves. And we'll band together. An alliance, of sorts."

The MembersEdit

Ulfur Liddy Aedan
Ulfur Olafsson Liddy Aedan Grigori Bazarov
Founding Member/Leader Member Member Member
Sirenia Ailyn
Dorothy Cline Rush
Member Member
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