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Once a circle has some manpower they can use this to take effective
control of various areas around Sunnydale.

This is done by going to that area and typing:
minion <circle number> conquer <number of minions to send>

It takes 4 hours for a squad of minions to arrive at at an area, once
there, or when on route they can be sent back by going to that area and
minion withdraw <number of minions to send>
Withdrawing takes 8 hours, or if they're still enroute, 4 hours plus the
time they've already travelled.

minion armies will show all armies of that circle and where they're

Once minions arrive at an area if it's already controlled by another
circle a battle will occur, see help battle
battles occur at 7pm, 10pm, 1am, and 4am. Players can participate on
either side, every minion killed inside the battleground counts as
one lost from the armies, so if all minions on both sides are killed
it becomes a war of attrition.
A maximum of 5 minions for offense, and 6 for defense can be present
in any battle.

Once an area is controlled all players entering the area will receive
a message about who controls that area, also whenever anybody enters
or leaves the area it will announce it on the controlling circle's

Additionally controlling areas gives you an extra minion pool which
can be seen in brackets after normal manpower in circle info and
can only be used inside controlled areas.

Lastly controlling certain areas allows you to edit their descriptions.
See Also: Battle

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