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During your visit to Sunnydale, you will encounter a great variety of foes: big and small, weak and strong, human and supernatural. To help you understand (and ultimately overcome) these foes, here's a list of them. As more information about each listed foe is gathered, it will be added here for your benefit. Enjoy!

Note: Click here for a bestiary specifically pertaining to those enemies found in the aggro areas.

Player Character Related[]

Buffymud Stock[]

Humans and Other Things (Good-Aligned Mobs)[]

Elderly Woman/Man 50 Experience
Homeless Person
Teenage Female/Male 73 Experience
Middle-Aged Woman/Man 337 Experience
Priest 410 Experience
Security Guard 535 Experience
College Student 630 Experience
Female/Male Jogger 800 Experience
These brave, usually athletic, men and women often go for midnight jogs in a town where the likelihood of a jogger seeing a dead person is about ten times that of one of those Law & Order shows. Because they've seen so many dead people (and have taken a load of self-defense courses as a result), these joggers tend to be pretty capable of defending themselves from the average fledgling, but are no match for anyone with some real power or experience.
Apprentice Witch/Warlock 926 Experience
Only just beginning to grasp the basics of witchcraft, these apprentices can handle themselves against the weakest of the vampire and demon fodder, but not much more than that.
Business Woman/Man
Police Officer
A monk who has taken various vows and oaths for righteousness. Oh, and he's spent his life training in the martial arts.
Watcher/Freelance Demon Hunter 1,562 Experience
Junior Knight 1,760 Experience
Gang Member 2,080 Experience
Mystic 2,440 Experience
Soldier 2,500 Experience
Occultist 3,432 Experience
Sniper 3,930 Experience
FBI Agent 5,270 Experience
Witch/Warlock 6,400 Experience
Knight 6,890 Experience
Telekinetic 7,676 Experience
Oden-Tal Woman 10,700 Experience
Slayer 12,500 Experience
Detective 14,470 Experience
Commando 19,000 Experience
Elite Watcher 21,600 Experience
Cybernetic Chain Ninja 24,400 Experience
Special Forces 30,750 Experience
Elite Soldier 34,300 Experience
Immortal 46,540 Experience
Veteran Knight 47,625 Experience
Elite Witch/Warlock 51,200 Experience
Elite Slayer 72,900 Experience

The Initiative[]

Scientist 87,480 Experience
Lead Scientist

Demons and Vampires (Evil-Aligned Mobs)[]


Traval Hatchling 100 Experience
A bug-like demon about the size of the average housecat, and about as easy to kill as one.
Howler Demon 337 Experience
Howler demons are white-skinned, slimy humanoid demons with no hair and clawed hands. They have a sulfuric smell and make an eerie, high-pitched howl when they fight.
Grappler Demon 563 Experience
Grappler demons are a demon species known for their brute strength and their talent for fighting. Grapplers are muscular humanoids with grey skin and large tusks. Though superhumanly strong, they are vulnerable to poisons, wounds, and explosions.
Sahrvin Demon 1,300 Experience
Durslar Beast 1,300 Experience
Kailiff Demon 1,562 Experience
Kailiff demons are a large, strong humanoid demon species often used as muscle for hire. Kailiffs can be identified by a tell-tale row of spikes lined along each side of their heads.
Lilliad Demon 1,750 Experience
Carnyss Demon 2,080 Experience
Carnyss demons are a humanoid species of demon known for their fondness for muscles and mirrors. Carnyss demons are humanoid in appearance. However, they are bald and have facial ridges at the side of the forehead and also horns.
Lubber Demon 2,440 Experience
Lubber demons are a species of humanoid demon recognizable by their pale white skin, with dark, sunken eyes resembling a raccoon. Lubbers are also religious zealots that await their messiah, who will usher in the end of all human life.
Hellhound 2,980 Experience
Chaos Demon 3,430 Experience
Chaos demons are a humanoid species of demon, recognizable by their enormous antlers and the slime covering their skin. They are brown, humanoid creatures who are able to walk upright, and posess enormous antlers, similar to those of elks.
Ethros Demon 4,288 Experience
Ethros demons are a species of demon capable of possessing humans in order to wreak death and corrupt human souls. They are widely feared because of their penchant for mass murder.
Member of the Fell Brethren 4,665 Experience
Fyarl Demon 4,912 Experience
Fyarl demons are a humanoid species of demon foot soldier. They are known for serving other demons, even vampires, because they are rather dim-witted, but extremely violent.

This extreme violence is usually combined with considerable strength and stamina, so the Fyarl is one tough customer. This demon should definitely be avoided, if possible, by the weaker, less experienced demon hunters, unless they're accompanied by someone more seasoned than themselves.

Boretz Demon 5,270 Experience
Nahdrah Demon 5,930 Experience
Pregotthian Demon 6,400 Experience
Grox'lar Beast 6,890 Experience
Vinji Demon 7,670 Experience
Polgara Demon 8,200 Experience
Kovitch Demon 9,113 Experience
Serparvo Demon 9,730 Experience
Voynok Demon 10,700 Experience
Kungai Demon 12,500 Experience
Thesulac Demon 13,200 Experience
Shur-Hod Demon 14,250 Experience
Skilosh Demon 14,470 Experience
Mok'tagar Demon 15,300 Experience
Vahrall Demon 17,560 Experience
Sluggoth Demon 19,000 Experience
A Sluggoth demon is a wormlike, natural predator demon resembling a giant maggot. The Sluggoth has one large mouth, which can expand the width of its body, allowing it to consume large creatures whole. It can burrow through the ground very fast, and snatch small prey and burst through the ground to take bigger targets.
Strom Demon 20,500 Experience
M'Fashnik Demon 22,700 Experience
Prio-Motu Demon 26,200 Experience


Girl/Boy Vampire 50 Experience
A vampire who was sired when he/she was very young. Though a select few have been known to grow into strong, frightening legends, it's a rare occurrence, and most child vampires are wiped out about as easily as children who are slightly stronger than normal.
Fledgling 100 Experience
Elderly Vampire 100 Experience
College Vampire 535 Experience
Business Vampire 800 Experience
A vampire who still wears the stylish business suit that they wore in life. These vampires, while stronger than mere fledglings, are still pretty feeble to a demon hunter with a week's worth of experience.
Vampire Thug 1,562 Experience
Vampire Gangmember 1,895 Experience
Vampire Soldier 4,287 Experience
Vampire Gangleader 6,400 Experience
Elder Vampire 12,500 Experience
A vampire who's lived for a couple centuries, and has the combat experience and physical prowess to prove it. They are often quite attractive and elegant creatures, which is a front they've used to survive for so long.
Master Vampire 51,200 Experience
Ancient Vampire 72,900 Experience


Located directly beneath the town of Sunnydale, the Hellmouth is the very thing that has drawn so many supernatural beings of both light and darkness to the otherwise unremarkable Californian town. In order to access the Hellmouth and battle the unspeakably powerful creatures within, one must track down a Kungai demon and tear off its horn, then insert this horn in a keyhole somewhere within Sunnydale.

Zombie 87,480 Experience
Earth Creature
Bringer 120,000 Experience
Hydra thing