Bryan Goldstein
Origin: Portland, Oregon
Race: Human


Wife, Lila and three children, twin girls, Dinah and Daniella and a son named Adam
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Bryan is an army Sergeant at the Sunnydale base. He comes from a family of soldiers and his wife grew up in an army family, too. His specialty is sniping and he is a mentor to Rebekah Ellis, teaching her how to use her crossbows and guns, as well as how to modify and maintain them.

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Concept Bracket Calculation
Experienced Soldier (Base level 40)
Expert Sniper Training (Modified level 50)


Statistic Level Reason
Vitality Exceptional for a human Works out every day, to keep himself fit for his role in the army
Strength Exceptional for a human Does regular strength training and weight training
Speed Exceptional for a human Has natural speed, which he maintains with regular workouts
Martial Arts At least a year's training Was trained by an army friend.
Weapon Assembly Advanced Has extensive experience in the field
Weapon Skill Expert Has worked as a US Army Sniper for over a decade.
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