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Photo taken in 1923.

Name: Camille Fifi Hortense
Nicknames: Currently none
Origin: Paris, France
Race: Vampire
Archetype: Fighter
Affiliation: Herself

Dossier #1461

Subject: Camille F. Hortense, Vampire (Presumed Dead)

Camille was active since roughly 1920 up until the 1980s.She is presumed to have been sired somewhere between December of 1918 and May of 1919, and was born on December 1901 in Paris, France. (See File 14A, attached) Camille stood at somewhere between four foot eight and four foot eleven and had, in most instances, short light blond hair and light brown eyes. Her build was described as "fragile-looking."

Despite this apparent fragility Camille was a vampire of formidable physical strength and speed, and she appeared to use her appearance as a means of causing people to lower their guard around her. While lacking a certain formal intelligence, Camille was none-the-less shrewd and a very experienced liar. She is noted to have been the direct cause of many mob-related deaths, often with the victims pounded until they could barely be identified as human.

Camille appeared to have been used by her sire, who kept her under control with expensive jewelery and the promise of violence, as a method of self-defense and coercion. Due to her appearance, he could claim that she was his "helpless daughter" and then rely on the underestimation of her to allow her to react to potential threats. This behavior is one she carried on through her extensive carrier. Camille's sire was slain in 1952 by a group of rivals while Camille was absent.

Without her sire to restrain her, Camille developed a reputation as a loose cannon. She would often explode into rages over seemingly trivial affronts or nothing at all, with predictably violent results. Camille found work in the underworld as hired muscle for the next twenty years. As best as record indicate in her (un)lifetime, at least twenty attempts were made on her life. These included attacks by a notedly powerful witch and a rival vampire.

It appears that Camille's crimes caught up with her, as in about 1981 she suddenly vanished from the underworld scene. While it was not unusual for Camille to vanish for months at a time, on one occasion leading to a spree of deaths in Japan (See file 14B, attached.), in this case she did not and has not, as of this report, returned.

Due to having been missing for nearly forty years, Camille has been deemed to be slain.

End Dossier

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Old Experienced Vampire (Base level 50)
Forced Interment (Base level 15)
Physical Recovery (Base level 30)
Mental Recovery (Base level 50)