Doing normal dungeons will reward you with ancient relics, these can be gathered or used to buy ancient powerful relics which each count for 10 for easier storage.

When you have enough relics you may buy an artifact map from the store hidden under the magic box, each of these cost in relics is listed where normally the cost in money would be.

Once you have a map you can head to the airport, hold it and use dungeon <map> to enter a dungeon that at the completion of you will be rewarded with the artifact.

Each person can only have at most, two artifacts, but each can be upgraded up to 10 times. The cost of upgrading an artifact is 1/5 the purchase price and in order to reach level ten, it'll take twice the purchase price in relics. Help Upgrade.

Once someone has an artifact nobody else can get it, but if that person is inactive for quite a long time their artifact will automatically degenerate to a copy of the artifact which is a bit weaker and others will be able to try and attain the genuine article again. You can also use the copy of an artifact like a map to generate a dungeon to the original.


Wear Location or Item Type Item Cost

Amulet of Transcendence

Created by a cretan wizard this charm allows the user to quite simply walk straight through walls and doors. When upgraded this charm makes it hard for people to attack you, often requiring them to make several attempts before being able to get their hands on you to start a fight.

Worn around neck 15

Necklace of Lune

Reportedly made in the late 14th century by a witch who's town was beset by werewolves this necklace gives great power over lycanthropic creatures, as well as allowing the user to fire a dangerous beam of lunar energy at their opponents.

This artifact allows you to fire a lunar beam which becomes more powerful as it's upgraded it also allows you to command werewolves and makes you impervious to their attacks.

Syntax: lunar beam <target>
Syntax: lunar order <target> command

Worn around neck 20

Talisman of Amon-Ra

Made over 4000 years ago by an ancient and powerful pharoh vampire this amulet bestows immunity to sunlight to any vampire who wears it, in addition as it becomes more powerful it can even heal a vampire as they stay in the sun.

Worn around neck



Wear Location or Item Type Item Cost

Band of Hades

Syntax: hades attack <target> Syntax: hades swarm The origins of this bone ring are unknown, many suspect it was crafted by one of the ancient zombie kings. It gives the wearer the power to command the dead with ease. This item is used via too commands, hades attack and hades swarm, hades attack works much like a lacky, swarm creates a swarm of zombies of your own alignment. Upgrading the artifact improves the power of the zombies.

Worn on finger 25

Band of Illusions

This ring bestows invisibility upon the bearer, making them almost impossible to notice at all. When upgraded the ring makes it hard for people to attack you, often requiring them to make several attemps before being able to get their hands on you to start a fight.

Worn on finger 15

Inquisitor's Band

Fashioned in the 16th century by a militant arm of the catholic church this ring bestows complete magic immunity to the wearer, additionally when it becomes more powerful it can even use the magical energy it drains to heal the wearer's injuries.

Worn on finger 25

Ring of Eternity

This powerful ring is rumored to make it's wearing nigh-invincible, healing them almost instantly from serious wounds. This ring makes you unslayable as long as your health is above 0, as it's upgraded it will heal you a little each round you're fighting.

Worn on finger 40


Wear Location or Item Type Item Cost

Bracelet of the Seraphim

Supposedly made in another dimension the bracelet was brought to this world several thousand years ago to fight in a brutal war against invading demons. It is a vastly powerful weapon that gives the user command over fire. This amulet can be tranformed into a very powerful sword with seraphim sword, and back again with seraphim bracelet, it can also be used to shoot fireballs at targets with seraphim fire <target>. Upgrading it makes the fireball more painful as well as the sword more powerful.

Syntax: seraphim sword
Syntax: seraphim bracelet
Syntax: seraphim fire <target>

Sword 55

Claws of Anubis

Said to be over 5000 years old this claws are said to literally suck the life out of those they penetrate, bestowing it to the wielder. This is a nice weapon which drains some life from the victim and gives it to you, for balancing reasons this only works on PCs, upgrading the weapon makes it more powerful.

Knife 40

Dagger of Artemis

Made three thousand years ago as a reward for the winner of the great Athenian hunt the dagger has been lost for some time. It possessed the power to always return to it's owner when hurled. Upgrading the weapon increases it's damage as a throwing weapon.

Syntax: fire <person>

Throwing Knife 15

Slayer Scythe

A weapon crafted especially for the slayer many milenia ago, this axe is especially effective at slaying vampires. An exceptionally good weapon with particularly high slay chances, upgrading it makes it more powerful.

Axe 55

Troll Hammer

Trolls like big, heavy simple weapons good for smashing things. This is a very nice weapon, and also when held and used with uppercut <person> can do an awesome uppercut sending the person flying many rooms. Upgrading it makes the weapon more powerful as well as increases the distance it can send people.

Syntax:uppercut <target>

Blunt 35


Wear Location or Item Type Item Cost

Repulsor Belt

Developed only two years ago in a top secret military laboratory the location of this belt is currently unknown. It projects a powerful magnetic field, rendering the wearer impervious to almost all forms of projectile weaponry. In addition if upgraded the field can even become so powerful as to fling bullets and other projectiles back at the shooter.

Worn around waist 35

Scourge Gauntlets

Made for the grand general of the Scourge army, these gauntlets were also believed to be burried with him. Whenever a halfdemon is hit by a person wearing these they are forced out of their demonic form. When upgraded the transformation is extremely painful.

Worn on hands 20

Urn of Osiris

The urn of Osiris is ancient and powerful, with this item skilled users have been known to even bring back the dead. To use this item you need to hold it then type ressurect <player> They must have died and NOT HAVE REROLLED. A rerolled player is beyond your reach, the urn is good for only one use and then will break, so use it wisely. This command without an argument allows people to bring back their own characters as long as they were killed in an alternate reality to the current one. ie killed during an apocalypse when there isn't one going on now or killed when there wasn't an apocalypse and there is one going on now.

Syntax: ressurect <playername>
Syntax: ressurect

NA 75

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