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Syntax: capture <victim> drain/weaken/poison/brainwash/hypnotize/hostage

This command must be used on someone who's incapped and will take an hour to complete. During that time the victim and user must be in the same room, and the victim must stay incapped. The user must be RPing with the victim reasonably consistently for the timer to keep counting down. If the victim desperates the capture will immediately complete.

Drain - Can only be done by vampires to those within 20 levels of them, will temporarily weaken the victim and enhance the persecuter.

Weaken - Will temporarily weaken the victim in a similar fashion to a weaken event.

Poison - Will weaken the victim three times longer than a weaken event but can be cured in the same was as an rpaffect.

Brainwash - Will temporarily flip the victim's alignment.

Hypnotize - Will allow the persecutor to use the order command on the victim for some time after completed.

Hostage - Hostage captures cannot be completed, however during one if another person attacks the one performing it, the victim of the capture will be badly hurt and go to the hospital/demon spa for a prolonged period.
See Also: order

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