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confront generate <person>
Confront <person>
Fire <person> showdown
confront clear
desoul <person>
ensoul <person>
jail <person>
dimension <person>
tmaim <person>
imaim <person>

rob <person>

A confrontation is similar to a showdown but with smaller effects,
the timer and exp reqs are slightly smaller and the commands it allows
are different. tmaim and imaims on a confrontation victim have massively
longer timers, around 100 play hours. desoul and ensoul work similar
to very high level convert events, changing the victim's alignment for
again about 100 play hours. There are no stat or class reqs on desoul
and ensoul, but they can only be done with a fully generated confrontation.
Jail sends someone to jail for about 2 real weeks, dimension sends someone
to a demon dimension for about 3 real weeks.

If anybody incaps you while genning they will be able to use these commands
on you, except for desoul an ensoul.

While generating a confrontation if you're killed by a mob the timer and
exp needed will both reset.

confront generate can only be used once ever real week.
See Also: generation

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