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A random, unclassified demon

Full Demons[]

Before mankind, the world was inhabitated by demons. Huge and powerful, they ruled the Earth.  Now, in the present day, their descendants still walk the Earth, but while the average demon dwarfs a human, they are much smaller and weaker than their ancestors.

Demons come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, and wield a variety of demon powers. Some rely on rock-hard skin and razor-sharp claws, while others wield otherworldly powers that transcend simple magic.

Half Demons[]

Brachen demon, the demon half of Doyle, a halfie

The half-demons are the result of human and demon breeding; usually the result of an evil demon forcing itself upon a human, but occasionally a goodly demon falls in love with a human.  It is as a result of these breedings that the half-demons came to be, and over time, large Half-demon clans formed, and now it is much more common for a half-demon to be born of two half-demons rather than a human and a demon.  Half-demons are largely tribal, traveling and abiding with their own kin.  They are generally man-sized, though often sport a demonic visage and possess some of the powers of their demonic ancestors.  Many half-demons are 'passing', meaning that they can pass easily as humans. These passing half-demons often live much more comfortable lives than their non-passing kin, who are forced to hide in abandoned buildings and the like to avoid the persecution they will face from humans and demons both. 

Some half-demons choose to fight as champions for good, their diluted demonic power making them powerful warriors proficient in melee combat.

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