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Donating to Buffymud can be done from the main page, by clicking the 'Donate'
There are many rewards for people who donate money to keep buffymud running:
[$1] : $500 Game Dollars
[$5] : One free train
[$10] : A restring
[$15] : A shrink or a dye
[$20] : A healall
[$25] : A customised special attack
[$30] : A customised attack
[$35] : A customised social attack
[$50] : Access to a global OOC channel
[$60] : Custom punch
[$70] : Custom kick
[$75] : Custom slay
[$80] : Custom counter attack
[$90] : Custom walk
[$100]: otell
[$110]: Custom bullet dodge
[$120]: Custom visible age
[$130]: Custom thrown dodge
[$140]: Custom age
[$150]: Custom flee

Rewards are cumulative, so if you were to donate $33 you would earn $16500 Game
dollars, 6 trains, 3 restrings, 2 shrinks or dyes, 1 healall, 1 custom special,
and 1 custom attack. That stays with your character and if you donated another $2
later would earn you another $1000 game dollars, 1 free train, and a customised
social attack.

When you donate at least $25 or the first time your character reaches 500 hours
you may note or email the administration and reference the person who recruited
you for $20 free credit for that character. The admin reserves the right to deny
this request if there is good reason to believe it is somehow dishonest.

See the helpfiles, help shrink, help restring, help dye, help healall, help custom, help legends,
help otell for more info.

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