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Xander, relatively normal human

Humans aka Homosapiens:

Over the aeons, the human species has evolved from a one-celled organism in the sea to an adaptive multi-system creature.  It has its own inner-defense mechanisms, mental defense functions, multiple thought-process systems, and much more.  In this day and age, humans have harnessed the power of civilization, science, and technology, and are the foremost and most numerous race inhabitating the planet.  The average human, however, is totally unaware of the sinister entities that lurk within the shadows of their civilization.

Humans are like juice-filled snacks wrapped in soft, chewy shells. Unfortunately, they don't come pre-packaged, and they will often run around flailing their arms when one tries to make a snack of one. This makes for very inconvenient dining, but humans are still considered a great delicacy.

Those few humans who are aware, however, often choose to battle these evil beings as a champion for good.  Some ordinary humans choose to wield modern weapons against the forces of evil, and are known as Soldiers.  Some fight as part of an organization known as the Watchers' council, using their vast resources to discover the best way to defeat their foes.  Some harness the black-arts to turn them back on the forces of evil, and are known as witches. And some few females are born gifted, supernaturally strong and fast; warriors without equal. These few are known as the Slayers.

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