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Other: showdown

Showdown generate <person>
Showdown <person>
Fire <person> showdown
Showdown clear
desoul <person>
ensoul <person>
sire <person>
slay <person>
jail <person>
mortal <person>
maim <person> <message>

weaken <person>

Basically this command lets you subdue someone in a
manner that will allow you to sire them, give or
take a soul, or outright kill them against their will.
In order to use it you must type showdown generate <person>
after that as you gain exp it will go into your showdown pool,
each time you gain exp you will see the percent complete. Once
your total is high enough, showdown <person> when in the same room will
start the showdown. You must incap your victim for any of the RK like commands
to work. Showdown clear cancels your showdown.
At ANY time after showdown generate before you showdown incap them
or clear it, if ANYONE, incaps you, you will be RKable.
Once the fight starts the lower level combatant will receive bonuses
to make them close in power to the higher level combatant. This evens
out battles somewhat before high and low level characters, or combat
stat heavy characters and non combat stat heavy characters.

Commands once they're incapped are desoul, ensoul, sire, and slay
You have about half a RL hour after incapping to do one of these,
only vampires can sire obviously, and only dark magic users or
demons with at least 80 offense can take a soul, only light magic
users can grant one.
When dead you're sent to a little room where you can't really do
anything but chat and what have you until you decide to reroll.

When generating a showdown anytime you're killed by a mob there's a fair
chance you will die.

When ensoulling someone there's a decent chance they'll die, and they'll
always be insane for some time afterward.

Showdown generate can only be used once every two real months.
See Also: generation

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