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Legend tells of the last demon to leave this reality who fed off a human, mixing their blood.  The human form was possessed by the demon's soul and so the Vampire was born.  The vampire bit another, and another, and so they now walk the Earth, feeding...  Killing some, mixing their blood with others to make more of their kind. 

In present day vampires skulk in the shadowy recesses of the night preying on unsuspecting humans.  They are the most common evil creature to be found and often travel in gangs for protection against Slayers and the like.  The vampire can only be slain by decapitation, immolation, direct sunlight, a wooden stake to the heart and are hurt by holy water and crosses.  They appear as pale yet ordinary humans often dressing in outdated fashions but when feeding or angered they assume their demonic visage making them stronger. 

Most vampires fight as warriors their supernatural strength and durability making them mighty melee combatants but tales are told of mysterious Vampires that have harnessed the black art of witch craft.

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