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Can not be pronounced in any human tongue
Alter Ego: Chains
Origin: Demonic Hell Dimension known as Kytonia
Race: Kyton, also known as Chain Devil
Archetype: Brute


Shitkicker's Coalition

Chains is actually a creature of demonic origin who recently went through a form of demonic puberty, hinting that for his race he is quite young, who has a fascination for action movie culture and old oriental martial arts films. Known for his extreme resilience, his superhuman strength was gifted to him by going through a coming of age event called the Coronation, and was further advanced by adapting to the powers of one Locke Keyes. He is rather incredibly awkward due to his size, which is something he's not yet quite used to. Having been taken care of for a short time by a gunsmith and a watcher, and having been taught English and human culture through action movies, he has a fondness for guns, and has limited, though handy knowledge on how to put together firearms. In fact, he was once rather well known for carrying an oversized pistol called the Peaceweaver, a gun that was once an Artifact from his home dimension. The Artifact was lost to him during another event called the Binding, him wielding it for so long caused it to bless him with even more power, and is the reason he is able to keep up with more powerful and mature demons. His immense size causes him to have to be very careful with the world around him, and he weighs a little too much that he's not very fast at all.

The dimension that Chains comes from is a violent place, where females are apparently the dominant gender and most males are slaves to the women there. What makes this race even odder is that the males of the race are the ones who carry the child, which suggests that Chains might even be female, though such claims he meets usually with violence.

Layout Credit goes to Janisu.

Concept Bracket Calculation
Very low powered demon (Base level 20)
Young (Modified to level 10)
Coronation (Puberty) (Modified to level 20)
Remarkable Weapon (Modified to level 30)
Deathlord's Magic Ritual (Modified to level 40)
Bonding with Artifact (Modified to level 50)


Statistic Level Reason
Strength Extremely gifted for a demon Immense size and density causes him to be much stronger than even his size suggests, with magically enhanced strength included
Speed Average for a human Immense size causes body to move rather slow
Martial Arts Average Self taught brawling and swordfighting
Demon Buffs Extensive Metal skin, ability to control chains as if they were seperate limbs, resistance to fire and concussive force, weakness to lightning, horns from mutation due to ritual used by Locke Keyes
Vitality Extremely gifted for a demon Metal skin and immense size and density