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Circles are getherings of people with similar interests, they range from casual ones
such as a group of friends, to highly organised and powerful groups such as the initiative
or wolfram and hart.
Each circle has an alignment, good circles are dedicated to the fight against evil.
evil circles are dedicated to the fight against good, and neutral circles are not
dedicated to anything.
Evil or good people could be in neutral circles, and indeed a neutral circle could
be quite evil, but it is not a circle who's goal is to partipate in the battle between
good and evil.
typing 'circle list' will show you the top three good and evil circles.

Each circle can also have several different political types:
Democracy - each member can vote for a leader by means of circle vote <name> at the
end of the month if a member has more votes than the leader they will become the new
Dictatorship - The leader can never be deposed unless they step down or become inactive
Communal - All members are leaders, cannot participate in the good and evil war though.
Dominance - Whoever bests the leader in combat will become the new leader.
Reputation - Whoever has the highest reputation becomes the leader.

To create a circle you need to type circle create <align> <type> <name> <short>
Align is good, neutral or evil. Type is dictatorship, democracy, dominance or communal
name is one word without color used to reference your circle, eg for the initiative
it would likely be initiative.
Short is the full color name of your circle and can be a few words long such as:
The Initiative
You can be in up to three circles at once

Once a circle is created, circle join <name> can join new people to your circle.
circle leave will allow you to leave your current circle, and circle banish <name>
Will allow leaders to kick out members.
Circle info <number> will show some basic information about your circle, and circle roster will
show all members of your circle.

Circle roster <number> will show you all the people in your circle

Circle description <number> allows a leader to set the circles desc, circle descs are IC
and should explain what the circle is, consists of, in an RP sense, not include
details like, "looking for high level witches"
note: if your desc is less than 500 characters long, your reputation will increase

circle research <name> lets anybody read the description of another circle.

Circle leadership <type> <number>will allow you to change the leadership type of your

Circle promote/demote <person> <number> will allow a leader to set other people in the circle to
be capable of joining.

Circle tribute <number> will allow you to set which circles you devote reputation to.
The top ranking circles of both good and evil will become dominant, that will mean all
their members will receive small stat bonuses, and their leaders will recieve much larger
stat bonuses.
circle pledge will allow you to pledge your circle to another one, making them stronger at
your expense. However they may make you one of their children circles through
circle adopt <num> <circle>. Children circles recieve smaller stat bonuses from their parents
so if you're parent is the dominant good or evil clan you'll get some bonuses, and lesser
bonuses if your parent's parent is the dominant circle or if they have several children circles.
circle pledge none will set you to not be pledge to any circle.
For democracies, circle vote <name> will allow you to change preferences.

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