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Jeremy, Clemment.==

Basic Info:[]

Race: Caucasian Human

Gender: Male

D.O.B: 25th April 1983

Age: 33

Occupation: Pre-kidnapping: Architect. Current: None/On Disability Support.

Affiliations: Good.

Hobbies: Stumbling around.


Statistic Level Reason
Strength Very exceptional for a twiglet Seven years of torture, broken limbs, malnourishment, and the removal of his eyes have left Clemment with strength akin to a nerf gun dart.
Speed Very exceptional for a lead weight. The necessity of a cane to walk, added to...Well everything else, makes Clemment about as likely to rush someone as Charles Manson is to say he was only kidding.
Mental Magic Exceptional. No, for real this time. Since his moment of awakening after his brutal torture, Clemment has gained an exceptional ability to use mental magic: It's pretty much all that is holding him together. Unfortunately he is a glass cannon: One blow and he's usually out cold.

Think dry twig.

Clemment has the physical prowess of an old man. He ain't standin' up to no one.