BuffyMUD Wiki

Here are a few tips on outfitting your characters.   Try to include colours and fabrics! Ok, fabrics aren't always necessary,

like a lot of the time you can easily guess, jeans are safe to say they're denim for instance. But every time I see someone

wearing like "A jacket" I get a little pain in my head.   Why is this important? Because everyone might see that differently,

we've suddenly created a kind of space-warping paradox in which your character is walking around in like 6 different types

of jacket, and when it actually comes up in RP? Very bad.   like,

Bob says to Jane "Hey I like your jacket, it's just like mine"

Jane says to Bob "No it isn't, yours is red and mine's green, plus it's shorter."
Bob says to Jane "Nah, yours is totally red too!"
Unlikely to actually happen cause people will just avoid talking about undone clothes normally, but that is also a bad thing!
If you're that lazy, just get stuff that already has colours or whatever in it. Don't make holes in our IC environment!
Most things that apply from descriptions actually apply to clothing too, don't put in info people can't know from looking at it,
try to achieve what you want in as short a way as possible, don't tell people what they think of the stuff, just what
it looks like, no "This is a really cool looking sword"
Avoid unnesary (E)s if people see an outfit entirely made from E stuff, they're much less likely to actually bother reading
all those extra descs, if you keep Es to the items you really need them on, there's much more chance people will actually
read them.
You don't need a tonne of Es to get the high dressed scores I've got the top one and most of my stuff isn't E'd.
The theme of Buffy is a slightly tricky one, it's realistic, yet it's not. I think the key to good costuming is largely about
walking the line between fantasy and reality. If you make a leather cat suit, yes you will be mocked. But if you stick
to t-shirt and jeans it's just not nearly as cool or interesting.
I was watching this feature on Serenity in which they said each article of costuming was designed to say more than one
thing about the character. If you've got the time this is a great way to add detail, you can think about, well where did he get

this? Is there a story behind it? Why does he like it? what does it say about him?
I think for most people you should have at least some items with a bit of a background and the like to them.