Other: combat

There are four important stages to combat.
In round, End round, Between round, and Deathblow.

In round consists of you and your opponent throwing punches
and kicks. The punches and kicks you throw are based on what
skills you have. This is the main area of damage in the

End round comes at the end of a round, usually you will
see someone break away from the fight, but sometimes
special attacks can be triggered. They appear in
bright green or red and are of several types.
Stagger, trip, throw, hurl, slam.
A stagger sends someone back several paces.
A trip sends someone to the floor, the person who
performed the trip can flee straight afterwards.
A throw sends someone through the air to smash
into something in the room or the ground.
Either party can flee after a throw.
A hurl sends someone smashing against a wall
or possibly into another room, either person
can flee after a hurl.
A slam is a more powerful trip, which can
sometimes smash through the floor.
Between round is where you will use spells
such as fireball, or any of your combative
skills or styles. You can also turn the fight
by typing in left/clockwise or right/anticlockwise.
Or back away from your opponent by moving in the
opposite direction to where you are facing.
Deathblow is the end of the fight, a deathblow
can be performed once the victim is on less
than half life, as long as you have a weapon.
Less than one third if you do not. The chance
of being sucessful increases from 0 percent
at half life, to 100 percent at 0 life. If
Successful the victim dies, and you gain

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