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Pete Smith is a halfdemon who's been fighting evil on and off for the past several
years, he turns into a red skinned beast with tough skin claws and horns when he
fights and battles evil with the help of his sidearm and battle axe.

He counts as a combat experienced half demon, a concept for the level 40s.
When he begins the game and up to about level 30 Pete arrives in Sunnydale after
just barely surviving an intense battle with evil from another town, he's consequently
quite badly injured, with a few minor fractures and a broken arm which is in a cast.
This downlevels his concept to fit his current level.

At about 30 is when Pete is starting to heal from his injuries, but a few are
still bothering him, his minor fractures have healed but his arm is still hurt.

At about 40 Pete finally gets his arm out of the cast and sighs with relief as
he goes back to being the badass he was used to being.

As he approaches level 50 Pete starts to worry that badass as he is, he's still
not good enough to take on the more significant threats in Sunnydale, after hours
of research and footwork he discovers reference to a mystic glove of an ancient
fallen demon god and sets about RPing trying to uncover this glove.

At level 50 he finds the glove and makes it as a focus desc/restrung object/shop item.
To wear on his character, the glove's demonic power makes the veins in his arm
glow red under his skin and it gives him unique advantages in a fight he might
convey with custom attacks or other mid combat RP.

Pete has become addicted to power and searches out more ways to improve himself
beyond that of mortal men and beasts, he uncovers an ancient ritual which might
let him recreate the entire suit of armor by using the glove as a template.

At level 60 Pete finally completes this ritual and wears the armor suit, the black
armor glows red with demonic power and it cannot be removed, the whispers of the
demon god in his mind slowly drive him insane as the now living demonic armor
Pete ploughs his way through the other denizens of Sunnydale.
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