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Non combat stats can be partly discounted from your level, normal guidlines are to
remove about half. Someone with 20 non cobat stats for instance could consider themselves
2 levels lower for concept purposes.


Magic - Basic level( You have started studying magic sometime in the last few weeks or months) Add 1.
      - Advanced level (You have been studying magic for years or for months but have an exceptional grasp on it) Add 2.
      - Unique ( You are one of the most powerful magic users in the world, come from a lifetime of study or some other equivilant, ie dark willow) Add

Weapon x - Basic level(You've been augmented by some kind of science experiment or military project) Add 1.
         - Advanced level (You are a living weapon, extensive training and augmentation have taken you beyond what could ever be considered human again)
Add 2.


Young (age 16-13) Subtract 1
Very Young (Age 12-10) Subtract 2

Vampires or demons who're physically unimpressive(Vampires who were sired as children, or demons who have the physical form of children or other
physically unimpressive individuals) Subtract 1

Common ways to move class up:
Possession of some sort.
Magical artifacts.
Remarkable weaponry/equipment(Beyond what is available to normal people, think batman)

Common ways to move class down:
Injuries, curses, poisons, disabilities.

Obviously things shouldn't count twice, you shouldn't add a young age penalty to a char
you're basing on the young human archtype, nor if your char is a  magic user who's used
magic in combat should you take combat experience human because of it as well as pluses
for magic.

If you've moved beyond your archtype you need to either change your archtype somehow
through RP or add things to it to explain it's level of power.

If you are under your archtype you need to either change it, or add detractors to it to
explain it's lower level of power.

This is not an exhaustive list, any RP can be used to move up or down if it makes sense,
you are only limited by your imagination.


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