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20 Average for a human, 35 average for a vampire/demon
50 Exceptional for a human, 100 exceptional for a supernatural

Martial Arts:
20 Average, 50 indicate up to a year's training, 100 at least several years of
training, +100 lifelong training.

General Magic + Mental Magic + Aligned Magic:
50 is basic level magic, few weeks or months training.
100 is advanced level magic, year or more of training or months of training with
some exceptional reason why you learn so fast.
200 is unique level, lifelong training or some other equal reason.

Demon Offense:
50 is normal level of demon with offensive capabilities.
100 is rare and powerful type of demon's offensive capabilities.
100+ is unique level demon's offensive capabilities.

20 Junior watcher or basic hacker.
40 fully fledged watcher.

Weapon Assembly:
25 tinkerer
50 professional gun assembler.
100+ World reknown gun expert.

Weapon Skill:
20 Basic gun training.
35 semi-professional or paramilitary training.
50 Military level training
75 Sniper level training
100+ World reknown sniper

20 average for a human, 35 average for a vampire/demon
75 exceptional for a human, 100 exceptional for supernatural

If your desired stats don't fit into your RP archtype you should modify your RP to
explain them, there are several ways to do this.

Increasing stats:
A magical item or spell could augment a stat, particularly a phsyical one.
Technological items could do the same.
Armor or some other form of protection could augment vitality.

Decreasing stats:
Lack of exercise, muscle atrophy, curses, diseases, toxins.

There are many other possible ways as well, you're only limited by your imagination.

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