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Area: Bugs - Note #3613
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: Re: Cop spankings and YOU!
Time: Sun Aug  2 04:03:23 2009

People who start the fight still can be arrested even if you're using demon powers/
magic/weapons etc. You just can be arrested as well. It's certainly not abuse
to flee from a fight into public, it makes a huge amount of sense for someone getting
beat on to try and get towards groups of people and call for help.

And can I just point out how ridiculous it is for you to just decide to 'consider'
something bug abuse because you don't like it? It doesn't unbalance the game, no
one select group of people are the only ones who can flee into public. Trying to
manipulate people OOCly into not doing something perfectly legit by calling it
bug abuse is really low.