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Name: Corina Coleman

Nicknames: Cory

Birthdate: September 27, 2003

Birthplace: San Fransisco

Race: Human

Brief History[]

Though born to the English couple Jerry and Martha Coleman on September 27, 2003, it was in San Francisco, California where she came into the world.

A  bright student, born to a family of Watchers, she somehow slid under the radar, it wasn't until her early teens that her Slayer powers were discovered. After her powers were discovered, she was thoroughly trained by her parents, though they also kept up her training in basic magics, despite her lack of aptitude for the arcane.

Exhaustive as her training was, her parents tried to keep her out of real fights and danger as much as possible. 

But in the end, it wasn't supernatural threats that had to be worried about, but a drunk driver and a car accident.  Through her Slayer's stamina and durability alone did she survive the accident.  At 15 she was orphaned and outraged, she sought out the man who had killed her family, intending to kill him. Upon finding him, she reportedly beat him half to death, then abruptly stopped, sitting and politely waiting while he caled the police. 

A year and a half spent in a juvenile detention facility left her cold but determined, and full of a rage she wouldn't let herself vent on the actual cause of her grief, she jumped ship, filling for emancipation rather than be put into the foster system.  With that achieved, she packed her things and moved to Sunnydale to put her wrath to good use.