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Ethan Rayne, fellow ex-member of a cult that Giles was in

Cultists fight with their head and their feet. While they don't have the supernatural strength and speed of some of the other classes, they can hold their own in a fight, and they can greatly augment their chances through by dabbling in magic. A cultist is often a jack of all trades and a master of none.

Train costs at one hundred vitality:

Strength 161 Experience
Speed 129 Experience
Martial arts 147 Experience
General Magic 34 Experience
Magic endurance 42 Experience
Mental Magic 34 Experience
Aligned Magic 42 Experience
Demon offense 87 Experience
Demon buffs 87 Experience
Demon Mystic 87 Experience
Researching 51 Experience
Weapon Assembly 79 Experience
Weapon skill 70 Experience
Vitality 481 Experience

Skill List:

Strength Skills:
Power Punch STR:80 Power Kick STR:45
Uppercut Combo STR:40 Strong Kick STR:10
Body Slam STR:30 Power Shove STR:20
Head Rip STR:70 Neck Break STR:30
Crippling Blow STR:15 Uppercut STR:55
Push Fight STR:40 Choke STR:30
Strong Choke STR:55
Speed Skills:
Wall Kick SPE:40 Flying Double Kick SPE:30
Hurl Combo SPE:30 Leg Scoop SPE:20
Make Stake STR:10 SPE:15 MRT:10 Hurl SPE:20
Tackle SPE:10 Acrobatic Landing SPE:30
Back Spring SPE:40 Wall Run SPE:60
Wall Bounce SPE:50 Pin SPE:30
Throat Stab SPE:55 Disarm SPE:80
Rooftop running SPE:65
Martial Arts Skills:
Backwards Roll Throw MRT:20 Power Sweep MRT:20
Kick MRT:30 Pressure Point MRT:45
General Magic Spells:
Energy Ball MGN:10 Float Object MGN:10
Firebolt MGN:20 Lightning MGN:30
Frost MGN:40 Fireball MGN:50
Light Beam MGN:60 Teleport Switch MGN:25
Energy Shield MGN:50 Heal MGN:38
AntiHeal MGN:55 Disorient MGN:25
Blind MGN:45 Mute MGN:18
Ignite MGN:75 Rat Transformation MGN:80
Raven Transformation MGN:90 BloodStone Vengence MGN:100
Contain MGN:40 Magic outfit change MGN:50
Glamour MGN:25 Cat Transformation MGN:85
Wolf Transformation MGN:95 Zap MGN:45
Summon MGN:70 Slow MGN:60
Mental Magic Spells:
Telekinetic Throw MEN:35 Power Jump MEN:30
Hyper Jump MEN:40 Telekinetic Hurl MEN:50
Remote Get MEN:20 Remote Trip MEN:40
Mental Punch MEN:10 Mental Blast MEN:25
Mental Megablast MEN:70 Mental Choke MEN:60
Mental Push MEN:80 Mental Float MEN:100
Mental Decapitation MEN:90 Mental Lift MEN:75
Telepathy MEN:55 Dream MEN:65
Aligned Magic Spells:
Dark Missile MAL:10 Flay MAL:20
Rake MAL:30 Dark Gaze MAL:35
Dark Blast MAL:40 Pain MAL:60
Disintegrate MAL:65 Enhance Self MAL:70
Black Lightning MAL:80 Seeking Fireball MAL:85
Crush MAL:90 Drain MAL:100
Flight MAL:50 Invisibility MAL:10
Protect MAL:20 Scry MAL:30
Enhance other MAL:40 Anti Magic Shield MAL:60
Holy Shield MAL:70 Sun Beam MAL:80
Amulet of Protection MAL:90 Mini Sun Ball MAL:100
Bubble MAL:75 Petrify MAL:75
Earth Elemental MAL:60
Demon Offensive Skills:
Fire Fist DOF:10 Fire Ball DOF:15
Fire Kick DOF:10 Fire Breath DOF:10
Cremate DOF:10 Fire Whip DOF:10
Fire Weapon DOF:10 Explode DOF:20
Inferno DOF:25 Fire Rain DOF:10
Lightning Fist DOF:10 Lightning Ball DOF:15
Lightning Kick DOF:10 Lightning Whip DOF:10
Lightning Weapon DOF:10 Lightning Gaze DOF:15
Electrocute DOF:10 Lightning Fury DOF:20
Lightning Storm DOF:10 Ice Fist DOF:10
Ice Ball DOF:15 Ice Kick DOF:10
Ice Breath DOF:10 Freeze DOF:10
Ice Blade DOF:10 Freezing Gaze DOF:15
Hail DOF:10 Shard Hail DOF:10
Shadow Fist DOF:10 Shadow Ball DOF:15
Shadow Kick DOF:10 Soul Rip DOF:20
Blade of Darkness DOF:10 Evil Gaze DOF:10
Demon Summon DOF:10 Eclipse DOF:10
Fire Shuriken DOF:10 Frost Shuriken DOF:10
Electrical Shuriken DOF:10 Shadow Shuriken DOF:10
Demon Buff Skills:
Claws DBF:10 Greater Claws DBF:15
Massive Claws DBF:25 Wings DBF:10
Large Wings DBF:15 Indestructible Win DBF:25
Small Fangs DBF:10 Large Fangs DBF:15
Poisoned Fangs DBF:25 Small Horns DBF:10
Large Horns DBF:15 Life Stealing Horn DBF:25
Grand Horns DBF:25 Tough Skin DBF:10
Armored Skin DBF:15 Rock Skin DBF:25
Tail DBF:10 Barbed Tail DBF:15
Poisoned Tail DBF:25 Wall Clinging DBF:5
Arm Spurs DBF:5 Bone Spear DBF:20
Engulfing Flame DOF:14 DBF:15 Engulfing Lightning DOF:14 DBF:15
Engulfing Ice DOF:14 DBF:15 Engulfing Shadow DOF:14 DBF:15
Spur Firing DBF:10 Resist Fire DBF:10
Resist Ice DBF:10 Resist Electricity DBF:10
Resist Shadow DBF:10 Resist Melee DBF:10
Resist Ranged DBF:10 Resist General Mag DBF:10
Resist Mental Magi DBF:10 Resist Dark Magic DBF:10
Fire Vulnerability DBF:10 Ice Vulnerability DBF:10
Electrical Vulnerability DBF:10 Shadow Vulnerability DBF:10
Melee Vulnerability DBF:10 Ranged Vulnerability DBF:10
General Magic Vulnerability DBF:10 Mental Magic Vulnerability DBF:10
Dark Magic Vulnerability DBF:10 Sunlight Vulnerability DBF:10
Demon Mystical Skills :
Xray Vision DMS:10 Omni Vision DMS:30
Visions DMS:15 Teleporting DMS:15
Teleport Boost One DMS:10 Teleport Boost Two DMS:10
Enlarge DMS:5 DMS:5 Grow DMS:5 DMS:5
Demonic outfit change DMS:5
Weapon Assembly Skills:
Small Clips WAS:10 Medium Clips WAS:30
Basic Range WAS:10 Moderate Range WAS:30
Small Scopes WAS:10 Medium Scopes WAS:30
Basic Sights WAS:10 Laser Sights WAS:30
Basic Damage WAS:10 Moderate Damage WAS:30
Silencers WAS:15
Weapon Skills:
Body Targeting WSK:10 Leg Targeting WSK:20
Head Targeting WSK:30 Arm Targeting WSK:40
Gun Fighting WSK:35 Hostage WSK:40
Firing Modes WSK:15
Vitality Skills:
Headbutt VIT:10 Deep Breathing VIT:20
Intimidate VIT:15 Growl VIT:30
Fire Ring Ready! Ice Ring Ready!
Electrical Ring Ready! Shadow Ring Ready!
Hook Punch MRT:8 Elbow Strike MRT:18
Knee Strike MRT:30 Neck Chop MRT:44
Uppercut Punch MRT:60 Roundhouse Punch MRT:78
Falling Star Punch MRT:98
Back Kick MRT:4 Side Kick MRT:13
Axe Kick MRT:24 Drop Kick MRT:37
Turning Kick MRT:52 Crescent Kick MRT:69
Jump Spin Kick MRT:88 Roundhouse Kick MRT:109
Flying Side Kick MRT:132
Kung Fu Styles:
Yuejia Quan MRT:9 Mian Quan MRT:15
Zui Quan MRT:27 Tai Chi Quan MRT:36
Shaolin Quan MRT:42 Ziran Men MRT:54
He Quan MRT:57 Chang Quan MRT:63
Ditang Quan MRT:69 Baji Quan MRT:75
Yongchun Quan MRT:84 Yi Quan MRT:93
Liuhe Quan MRT:102 Cha Quan MRT:117
Duan Quan MRT:123 Nan Quan MRT:129
Bagua Zhang MRT:135 Xingyi Quan MRT:147
Luohan Quan MRT:153 Lanshou Men MRT:156
Tongbei MRT:168 Pigua Quan MRT:171
Chanjia Quan MRT:180
Karate Styles:
Shorei Ryu MRT:18 Goju Ryu MRT:30
Kempo MRT:45 Shorinji Kempo MRT:51
Shoehai Ryu MRT:60 Kyokushin_kal MRT:78
Wado Ryu MRT:99 Kenyu MRT:114
Kosha Ryu MRT:162 Sharin Ryu MRT:165
Shotokan MRT:177 Isshin Ryu MRT:183
Kick Boxing Styles:
Defense Stance MRT:6 Draka MRT:39
Boxer Dance MRT:48 Left Stance MRT:66
Horse Stance MRT:72 Savate MRT:81
Front Stance MRT:87 Fight Stance MRT:108
Right Stance MRT:120 Shuffle MRT:126
Side Stance MRT:132 San Shou MRT:138
Switch Stance MRT:141
Aikido Styles:
Aikikai MRT:3 Ueshiba Aiki MRT:12
Shin Budo Kai MRT:21 Yoseikan MRT:24
Ki Aiki MRT:33 Nippon Kan MRT:90
Budo Aiki MRT:96 Fuji Ryu MRT:105
Fugakukai MRT:111 Shin Shin Toitsu MRT:144
Tomiki Aikido MRT:150 Jiyushinkai MRT:159
Yoshinkan MRT:174 Tenshin Shokai Aik MRT:186
Jujutsu Aiki MRT:189
Other Skills:
Environmental Staking STR:10 SPE:10 MRT:10