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Other: custom

Syntax: custom special set <0-9> self/target/bystanders <message>
        custom attack set <0-9> self/target/bystanders <message>
        custom attack set <0-9> stat

        custom attack set <0-9> type daze/sprawl/knockback/slam
        custom attack set <0-9> timer <3-25>
        custom social set <0-9> self/target/bystanders <message>
        custom social set <0-9> stat

        custom social set <0-9> type daze/sprawl/knockback/slam
        custom punch set <0-9> self/target/bystanders <message>
        custom kick  set <0-9> self/target/bystanders <message>
        custom slay set <0-9> self/target/bystanders/corpse <message>
        custom counter set <0-9> self/target/bystanders <message>
        custom walk set <message>
        custom bulletdodge set <0-9> self/target/bystanders <message>
        custom knifedodge set <0-9> self/target/bystanders <message>
        custom age set <0-9> apparent/birthyear/birthmonth/birthday/sireyear/siremonth/sireday <number>
        custom flee set <0-9> self/target/bystanders <message>

        custom attack <0-9> <target>
        custom social <0-9> <target>

        custom attack/special/social/punch/kick/slay/counter/bulletdodge/knifedodge/flee show <0-9>

        custom walk show

Sets up and allows you to use custom specials, attacks, and socials.
When setting up a custom attack, timer is used for direct use abilities such as spells and
demon offense powers, while type is used for end round attacks.
When setting up a custom slay corpse desc is a string that appears after the corpse
Apparent age is the age you appear regardless of actual age, setting to 0 displays real age again
To use the custom slay use the cslay command.
Custom flee is seen after the injury in place of the approaching with murderous intent etc if you're
generally a higher level than your disabler.

When configuring messages it uses the ROM standard:
$n - Your name
$N - Target's name
$e - he/she you
$E - he/she target
$m/$M - him/her
$s/$S - his/her
$p - the thrown object for knifedodge
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