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Other: demon powers

Demon powers are unlike normal skills, instead of learning a skill when
purchasing a demon power you will be given a potion containing the essence
of a power, which has been harvested from another demon. Drinking the potion
will do nothing in and of itself. However when emerged in a demon
metamorphosis pool the potion will activate and infect you with that demon
As demon powers are much more powerful than any normal skill, they're also
much more costly, each demon power will actually REDUCE your stats by its
requirements, so for instance, claws will reduce your demon buff statistic
by 10 permantly. For that reason it's best to carefully plan what demon
power's you'd like, as you will not ever be able to afford all of them.
Demon offensive powers come in one of 4 types, fire, ice, lightning, and shadow
every abilities in that tree's damage is based on the total number of
powers possessed within the tree, with the exception of shadow which
is based on the total number of powers in all trees.