Other: demon powers
The demon power stats(offense, buffs and mystics) operate a bit differently than the other statistics. Each demon power has a stat requirement and you have to train the relevant stat up high enough to get the power. Once you do so, you gain the skill at the trainer. You will need to be in your demon form if you are a half-demon.

This will not give you the power right away, however, and you will need to dive in the pool at the demon spa. This is located under the alley next to the Magic Box and the pool is north of the entrance. When you wake up from this, you will have the ability you had gained from the trainer but your relevant stat will be reduced by a like amount.

For example, let’s say you are attempting to gain the claws attribute. In this case you will need to train your demon buffs by ten points as it costs ten points. Then gain claws at the trainer. After you dive into the pool and emerge, you will have claws but your demon buff stat will be reduced by ten points. To further enhance these claws to greater ones, you will need to spend an additional fifteen points in buffs.

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