Devils are demons or half-demons who have chosen to deal in magic rather than brute strength. Devils excel at certain mystical powers that are unavailable to anyone else.

Like other demons, devils can also choose to invest their experience in claws, wings, and other physical modifications, but devils will make best use of their experience to learn new mystical skills.

Train costs at one hundred vitality:

Strength 261 Experience
Speed 229 Experience
Martial arts 229 Experience
General Magic 79 Experience
Magic endurance 79 Experience
Mental Magic 79 Experience
Aligned Magic 97 Experience
Demon offense 28 Experience
Demon buffs 42 Experience
Demon Mystic 28 Experience
Researching 51 Experience
Weapon Assembly 79 Experience
Weapon Skill 79 Experience
Vitality 481 Experience

Skills List:

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