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 Name: Dimitriov Arkady
 Subject Age: 29
 Subject Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
 Subject Parent(s): Alexei and Evelina Arkady [deceased]

Subject Sibling(s): Korina Arkady [deceased] Yurik Arkady [status unknown]
 Subject Spouce(s): None
 Subject Offspring: None
Primary Source of Education
-International School of Moscow
-Frunze Military Academy
Employment History
-Russian Armed Forces
History File
Born in the city of Moscow, not too much is
known about his early home life, other than
that most of his family was killed by one of
the family's farmhands who happened to be a
werewolf. While noone found the two bodys of
the family, Dimitri and Yurik, the body of the
werewolf was found dead with a silver slug in
it. There was no further public record of the
boys until 1999 when DNA of yurik was found at
the scene of a homicide. Someone vaguely matching
a computer model of Dimitriov was seen in Moscow
during the investigation of a series of deaths
involving high ranking cult members of several
demonic cults.
Criminal Record
Watcher Notes
As with Yurik it seems that Dimitri was abducted
by a Russian version of the Initiative, though
unlike his brother he wasn't turned into super
soldier. Instead he was trained in anti-supernatural
tactics and placed into a demon/vampire hit team.
He displayed excellent use of weapons and tactics
in the team's fight against the covens and factions
which lived on russian soil and was promoted into
a special task force which was sent to Sunnydale
to deal with problems stemming from the hellmouth.
Mosty working alone, Dimitriov seems to like the
shadows as much as the demons he hunts, using
stealth and surprise to quickly take down whatever
is put in his metaphorical crosshairs.

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