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Basic Info[]

Race: Vampire/Caucasian

Class: Witch

Gender: Female

D.O.B: October 29th, 1997

Occupation: Demon Spa Intern

Affiliations: Pacific Marine Life Trust; Bandalag Ulfa.

Hobbies: Reading, studying ancient languages, fucking with your head.

Theme Song: Dry Kill Logic - "Perfect Enemy"


Dorothy Cline was born in Sunnydale and lived here until the age of five when many of the town's residents fled as the hellmouth opened. She lived in LA with her parents, Jim and Donna Cline, until they were divorced in 2011 after which she lived with her mother. Her father was a writer, and her mother a doctor. She was an only child, who spent a great deal of time by herself.

Dorothy was a fairly good student, with good grades but a poor attendance record. She was often hanging out alone, listening to loud music through headphones and reading strange books. Her magic ability grew, along with her knowledge of the supernatural. She became aware of vampires and demons, staying mostly clear of them.

She began dating a vampire named Jackson around age 16, and was often seen with bite marks on her neck and arms. She stayed with him for another two years. She stopped going to school and left her mother's home without saying anything. Several missing person's reports were filed. Two days before Christmas in 2015, Donna Cline was found dead in her home with her throat ripped open and her body mutilated and drained of blood. Police suspect Dorothy, but she has been unable to be found for further questioning.


Statistic Level Reason
Strength Below average for a vampire Dorothy was never strong in life, and as a vampire her gains in strength were minimal. She has the strength of your average human.
Speed Below average for a vampire She has never been especially fast either, when she was turned she gained a small amount of speed but the amount was negligable.
Martial Arts No training whatsoever She has never trained in martial arts and lacks and specific ability. When fighting she does her best but relies mostly on mental ability to defend herself.
Magic Unique level magic ability Dorothy has been a very powerful telekinetic/telepath for her entire life, though the powers didn't fully develop until puberty. When she was turned into a vampire her mental abilities were corrupted, causing them to faulter for a while. After she regained them they were only amplified and she now has the ability to control dark energy to her ends. While much of her magical talent is natural she has learned much from a demon she befriended shortly after coming to town.
Vitality Above average for a vampire She isn't the hardiest creature out there but several years of torture and abuse by Jackson has allowed her to take a significant amount of punishment.