Area: Announcements - Note #5864
From: Tyr
To: all 
Subj: Event aid
Time: Thu Nov  3 06:17:35 2011
I've changed the way event aids work.  You can now only aid an event
that's in act three, doing so will submit a log to the event owner similarly
to how thwart requests work, and as with thwart requests the event owner can
observe/broadcast for that RP.  The event owner can then complete their
event even though it's only in act three with event complete (your name)
<number> which will give those who participated in the aid RP some fame and
The event owner can participate in the RP if they so choose, although you
cannot aid yourself.
The goal here was to change aid from an honestly pretty useless system into
something that offered people of the same alignment as event runners
similarly exciting RP opportunities as those afforded to those that oppose
them, as well as opening up the possibilities for people to RP out their
events more.
As always please report any bugs/weirdness.
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