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Area: Announcements - Note #4072
From: Tyr
  To: all
Subj: Event changes
Time: Tue Dec  8 04:31:58 2009

I've made some changes to how events work, firstly you'll no longer see
research descs until an event is in act 3 but will get a small amount of
fame for getting an inform before act 3. 

The other more sizeable change is the introduction of challenges and
solutions.  Every event now has to have a challenge desc, this can be very
short but is a description of the critical challenge or problem that must be
overcome to thwart the event.  It should not be the entirety of what has to
be done, merely the part that isn't straight forward. 

For example an evil witch might be summoning demons using crystals, the
challenge might be in finding those crystals, then destroying them is
simple.  Or the challenge could be in destroying the crystals if finding
them is simple. 

All challenges must be designed to be overcome by using one of the solutions
listed in help event solutions.  These are all designed in a way to be both
legitimately challenging as well as encouraging team work and cooperation.
You should never be able to stop an event without successful employment of
one of these solutions, although event authors may make exceptions in
exceptional circumstances if they so choose. 

Thwart descs should now be a description of one possible implementation of
an event solution to overcome the challenge of the event. 

Event commands will now also work on cloaked people. 

Comments/suggestions welcome, let me know if anything is unclear. 

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