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Events are RP scenarios created by players, you can see how
to create your own event in help event commands and see
the availible code affects in help event types.

Events consist of three acts and can be defeated in one of
two ways, incapping the author during act three, inducing
through rp the author to accept their event being defeated
and using the event thwart command.

There is a fourth act, which just shows the event is ready
 to be completed.

You receive a small amount of fame for defeating an event in
act two or three.

All events have a chance of inducing despair or hope on
completion, despair reduces the exp yield for all good
chars by 25 percent. Hope reduces the exp yield for all
evil chars by 25 percent. So it is obviously in your best
interest to thwart events with high chances of despair
or hope.

Events are designed as an RP tool, that is to lend code
support to people who wish to run IC plots, they're not
designed for powerleveling or anything bar allowing people
to more easily create and run their own plots and stories.

There is really nothing to be lost by attempting to run
an event, whether it succeeds or not, but they shouldn't
be very easy to complete.

When in act 3 event timers only run down when you're not hiding away
in houses, public rooms, player owned shops, or wearing a cloaking
See Also: event types, event commands , event solutions