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Area: Announcements - Note #4102
From: Tyr
  To: all
Subj: Events actually were changed
Time: Sun Dec 13 06:10:09 2009

So either my previous note about event changes wasn't understood by a lot
of people or it wasn't read by them.  So I'm gonna have another go at
explaining what's different now before I start squishing events.  I've
changed the name of thwart desc to a solution desc to make it clearer in
people's minds that it's different. 

To be clear!  The challenge description is THE critical obstacle to be
overcome, it's not every obstacle, it's one, singular.  It should be the
only obstacle that would require complex or difficult RP however.  This is
to say, every event must have one challenging part to overcoming them, but
they cannot have two challenging parts. 

What was thwart desc and is now solution desc is an implementation of a
solution AS LISTED IN THE HELPFILE help event solutions, Yes it has to fit
one of these, no you can't just ignore it and fill in a thwart desc with
something vague, simple or impossible like you used to. 

If you have ideas for things to add to event solutions, send them to me and
I'll add them if they're any good, but these things were picked because
they're challenging but not impossible.  No you can't make events with vague
thwart descs that you can interpret any way you want to to stop people
thwarting your events anymore, no you can't make events with thwart descs
that're so easy a toddler could do them. 

If you don't understand, note me, if you want tips on how to make your event
fit this, note me.  If you don't and your event doesn't follow these rules,
I will just destroy it.  For those of you that've made events since the
change went in that don't follow the rules, please take them down and
re-write them to fit or I will do it for you, sans the re-writing part.