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Area: Announcements - Note #6321
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: Events and Confrontations
Time: Wed Apr 18 03:35:50 2012

I've added a new event command, event private (person) (message) works
like broadcast but only goes to the targeted person.

I've also made a change to how confrontations work, in essense I've flipped
the generation period from before the confrontation until afterwards. So
you will be able to confront a person without genning, but then will have a
long period of vulnerability you have to pay off.

The goals with this change were firstly to diminish people's tendency to be
unafraid when incapped etc, secondly to make confronts a bit more accessible
but also a bit harder for highly experienced pvpers. Previously the very
experienced pvpers could get very good at just genning and working up the
generation secretly, then doing whatever and being immune to serious
repercussions. I've added a helpfile, help restore. Which basically just
outlines that we'll restore any characters that are being punished by some
abusive use of the code. Confrontations now also require you to be fame
rank 2 to use.