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Area: Announcements - Note #4004
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: Expectancy and PKing newbs.
Time: Tue Nov 17 05:48:21 2009

I've changed the way expectancy works, now instead of being monstrous or
not characters will have differing degrees of monstrosity that allow them to
be in public for differing amounts of time before NPCs react with screams

An average demon for instance will be able to be in public for about 2
minutes, a human with a demonic feature such as wings or fangs will be able
to be in public for about 10 minutes before people react.  This time can be
extended by spending time out of public as well. 

The expectancy tech now works on a gradual level, at about level 2 it will
shield say a human with wings, whereas 4-6 levels would be required to cover
most demons.  Expectancy charms still work in much the same manner, but even
they will be unable to cover very large, very monstrous characters. 

Wearing a high degree of concealing clothing will go a long way to helping
you stay out in public longer also, additionally halfdemons shifting back
into human form while still in public will not lose any of their

Also the safe newbie zone has been reworked, characters are now only safe if
they're below level 5 and below 3 hours played.  However exp penalties for
pk have been reworked and are now a bit harsher towards pking low level