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Other: fame

You gain fame in one of three ways, from least to most important they are:
PK) Importantly, a good hero or villain spends his time actually
battling the enemy. The reason we've moved it to pk instead of mobkill is,
mobkill benefits you already, whereas pk doesn't, so it shows an actual
dedication to the fight beyond just getting exp. To prevent griefing you
can only be awarded when pking someone once every 3 RL days, or 6 game
days. Points are also based on damage so you will earn some even if you
lose, and they're fairly heavily slanted by level. So lower level people
get more points if they can beat up a high level person, obviously high
level people can use diminish to earn themselves more for each fight.
Basically the more challenging you make the fight, the more you'll earn.

RP) The more you rp the more your fame as a fighter for good or evil spreads
there are a few limits on this to prevent you being able to get famous from
trying to use cheap repetitive RP methods.
Events) More important than PK or RP are events, points are only awarded
for adversarial events, similarly to pk if your event helps you then
that's likely why you're doing it, whereas if it doesn't help you at all
you're doing it strictly for RP reasons and are thus rewarded. You do
get fame from thwarting events also. You are awarded some fame when your
event gets to act 2, and then act 3, and most when it completes.

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