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Immortal: for

/* Super-AT command:
FOR ALL action
FOR GODS action

Executes action several times, either on ALL players (not including yourself),
MORTALS (including trusted characters), GODS (characters with level higher than
L_HERO), MOBS (Not recommended) or every room (not recommended either!)
If you insert a # in the action, it will be replaced by the name of the target.
If # is a part of the action, the action will be executed for every target
in game.

there is no #, the action will be executed for every room containg
at least one target, but only once per room. # cannot be used with FOR EVERY-
WHERE. # can be anywhere in the action.

FOR ALL SMILE -> you will only smile once in a room with 2 players.
FOR ALL TWIDDLE # -> In a room with A and B, you will twiddle A then B.
Destroying the characters this command acts upon MAY cause it to fail. Try to
avoid something like FOR MOBS PURGE (although it actually works at my MUD).
FOR MOBS TRANS 3054 (transfer ALL the mobs to Midgaard temple) does NOT work
though :)

The command works by transporting the character to each of the rooms with
target in them. Private rooms are not violated.