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Hello there. I was going to start making my character information and looked into how others have had theirs laid out. I admire Amatsuka's the most. I would like to know how you created such a lay out. I could just copy our's directly and change the wording for my needs but that feels wrong. Would you show me how you made your's or have your permission to copy your's and use what I need from it?

Sure, I don't mind if you copy it really, but you can see how I made it (and also copy it more precisely) by looking at the page in the source view. Basically, I manually made the layout with wiki markup, but more specifically, I made a giant wikitable because I find tables give me more control over positioning elements. There's actually two separate tables since I gave statistics its own. --Amatsuka 15:18, December 28, 2011 (UTC)