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Once the showdown fight has started nobody can help either combatant
Cops are still effective against people in a showdown, but no other mobs are
It is possible to flee from a showdown but this doesn't clear it
Everytime you showdown someone you fully heal them
It is not possible to start a showdown fight with a throwing weapon
Showdown timers do not count down in houses, player shops, dungeons or when you
are wearing a cloaking ring.
You cannot desperate at all if you are incapped while generating a showdown
or confrontation or if beaten in a showdown.
You can engage someone in a showdown mid-fight.
It's not possible to rage in a showdown or showdown someone when raged, but it
is possible, though not recommended, to showdown a raged person.
Amulets, armor and all weapons still work as advertised during a showdown.
It's possible to showdown someone under event affects and those affects
continue throughout the fight.
See Also: showdown, confront

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