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Area: Announcements - Note #6275
From: Tyr
To: all
Subj: Guest expansion
Time: Mon Mar 26 13:49:59 2012

I've made some modifications/expansions to the guest system. Firstly
making a guest no longer will freeze your main character, you will continue
to be able to play them, although you won't be able to make more guests
until that one dies. You also will be able to play them at the same time as
your main character, subject to the rules listed in help guest rules.

I've added a retire command, which lets you delete a guest while unlocking
future guests for the character that made them.

I've added two new types of guests, civilians and flunkies. Civilians can
be made from fame rank 1 and are stuck permanently at level 1, however they
have significantly improved police protection from most forms of harassment.

Flunkies can be made at fame rank 3 and are excepted from a small section of
the guest rules, allowing the to fulfill the role of a minion of your main
character such as an employee or mystically bound servant.

Be sure to read the attendant helpfiles, guest rules, guest, civilian,
flunkie and retire.

And please report any bugs, exploits, problems, concerns, abuses etc.