Other: guest

This ability is for people of vanquisher/destroyer rank and up
it is used just like reroll, you type guest <newname> It freezes
your current char and generates a new one. This new char has
fiend/hunter rank with an enlarged lacky pool, as well as having
two times the exp of your current char. They are however RKable
all the time, if they are incaped and slain they'll die and your
original character will become unfrozen.

The original character will gain all of the guest's earnt fame.

What's the point then? Well obviously as the name would
suggest this is to allow people to make guest characters
like villains of the week, or people who just brush through
town. It's not good for powerleveling or anything, it's just
a RP tool.

A few things that you should be aware of when guesting:

  • Deleting a guest will result in your character remaining frozen
  • Guests can not have weapon assembly
  • Guests can be killed by mobs, including police, as well as players
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