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NAME: Hayden Cartwright

D.O.B.: November 17, 2000(Current age: 21)

RACE: Fire Spirit(?)

Hobbies: Getting sloshed, track, fencing, reading, collecting oddities and old things, magic, knowing stuff, creating weird crap

OCCUPATION: Student, Bookseller, Security guard, Orderly, "Private Investigater", Bounty hunter, Lazy Bum

Affiliation: ???

Hayden Cartwright, born and raised in London, lived a supernatural free life for the first sixteen years of his life. He got average grades, did well in sports, got into fights at school and had several run-ins with the law, mostly for illicit substances and petty crime. Hayden was considered a good, smart kid who fell into the wrong crowd at an early age.

After setting himself "straight" through the Youth Rehabilitation Order, his family decided that studying abroad would be a good experience. Sunnydale, California was suggested and it looked suitable to everyone involved, so there he went, not quite seeing it as the trap it truly was. Fortunately for him, his athleticism and criminal background helped him survive.

Since arriving, he's been admitted to the hospital for a variety of severe injuries and picked up studying magic, having a gift for it. Despite outward appearances, it is likely that Hayden suffers from psychological trauma and is a small time criminal. He has overall good intentions, despite his flaws.

Note: By now, most of the Sunnydale denizens knowledgeable in the supernatural world would recognize Hayden as something more(or less) than human. He hides this secret to a certain extent and when confronted generally calls himself a "fire spirit." He is still tapping into the power of this bloodline and potentially more. The full extent of his capabilities are not well documented and it appears there seems to be shifts in what he can do based on his current mental state.