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Area: Announcements - Note #4826

From: Tyr

To: all


Subj: Hostages

Time: Tue Sep 7 07:35:38 2010

You can no longer drag someone who is tied up, you will have to hit drag

before bind, or untie before drag. Obviously sometimes people are tied up

in a way that they could be dragged, but since PCs rarely distinguish we're

erring on the side of caution.

I've added a new capture command, 'hostage' this capture is different to

other types in that it can't be completed, and will do nothing if it is. It

represents you holding a knife to someone's throat, a gun to their head etc.

If anybody attacks you while you're holding someone hostage, the hostage

will be sent to the hospital/demon spa with a significant injury timer.

As always, please report any bugs/problems.